Fun Dip Fun Facts!

Fun Dip Fun Facts!

Fun Dip is a candy many of us know all too well from our childhood!  It was the type of candy that was so good that I would dig my fingers into the tight corners of the packet to get the last bits of powder from the package. Those Lik-a-Stix just couldn't finish the job with those round curves - they just don't fit in square corners LOL!

Fun Dip goes way back! It was invented by the Fruzola Candy Company and is now manufactured by the Ferrara Candy Company. Here are some fun facts about this iconic candy! 

  • Fun Dip was originally known under the name 'Lik-m-aid' and did not have the 'Lik-A-Stix'. They were also sold in single flavour packets. So you can probably guess that there were a lot of sticky fingers back in those days :) 
  • An Elf was used as the first mascot to represent Lik-m-aid on the cover of it's original packaging. 
  • Fun Dip came to be in 1973 when Sunline came up with a fresh way to enjoy Lik-m-aid, by adding the Lik-a-Stix to the packaging. The original Fun Dip package had 2 Flavours, Cherry and Grape, and 2 Lik-A-Stix. Lime was eventually added as a third flavour but was replaced down the line with Blue Raspberry. 
  • The cost of the first triple pack Fun Dip was the whopping sum of .10 cents! 

If you are a Fun Dip fan and want to learn more there is an amazing article written by Jason Liebig called Fun Dip and Lik-M-Aid – A powdery-sugar-filled retrospective that is a great read! 

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