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We sell Nostalgic and Imported Candy from all over the world! We ship across Canada and the United States, plus we offer Local Delivery and Pick Up. FOLLOW US on Facebook and Instagram @sourmesweetconfetionery to see what's new!

Located at 2698 Agricola St. in Halifax, Nova Scotia


MON - FRI: 11am to 8pm

SAT: 10AM to 7PM

SUN: 12 - 5pm

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Valentine's Candy

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Gum, Mints & Candy Tins


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NOTE: These beverages are BEST SUITED for LOCAL DELIVERY or PICK UP. If you would like to have it shipped to you, please note that we pack the product as best as possible to protect it but we are not in control of what happens after it leaves our shop. During shipping it can jostle which can lead to breakage, pressure build up, and/or leakage. Sour Me Sweet Confectionery is not held responsible should this happen.

Candy Box Subscription

Different theme each and every month. A 'Candy Subscription' is a fun explorative way to discover new treats! Click below to Learn More.