Cotton Candy - a Candy Twist!

Cotton Candy - a Candy Twist!

Cotton Candy (the best thing on earth as far as I'm concerned!) is super healthy for you and is full of nutrients - just kidding!! But really, how bad can it be for you if a dentist invented it? Yup, you heard me right, a dentist. 

Truth behind the floss: Cotton candy was invented in 1897 by a DENTIST that went by the name of William Morrison and his partner John C. Wharton, who was a confectioner (so now this factual story starts to make a bit more sense LOL).

This fantastic candy was first introduced at the 1904 World’s Fair under the name “Fairy Floss.” Eventually, the term "Cotton Candy' was commonly used, as this term was the name of a competitor’s similar product.

Bring us to today and we have it in all types of Cotton Candy flavoured forms from Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy Lollipop's, to Cotton Candy Pop Rocks, and of course in the traditional 'Candy Floss' but in fun flavours like 'Dr. Pepper'. 

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