Chocolate Covered Big Foot! It deserves an ! because it's fantastic!

Chocolate Covered Big Foot! It deserves an ! because it's fantastic!

First off, I'm a bit bias as I love most things covered in chocolate. Whether it is savoury or sweet, it doesn't matter, I just think chocolate makes most everything better! I'm talking about chocolate covered gummy bears to chocolate drenched potato chips - just really really good! And if you like chocolate coated food or candy, you will totally get that. But back to these, the gummy goodness of the Chocolate Covered Big Foot. 

So for my initial impression, when I first spotted this particular candy, I was super excited. anDea Chocolate makes this delightful treat and I thought their idea to cover the tasty Big Foot was amazing! I've been a fan of the soft chewy Big Foot for many years, ever since my childhood. They are a slight addiction for me and are one of those candies I fill my candy bag with and are pretty much the first thing devoured from that bag lol. 

I bit into this treat and I can tell you, it was so fresh and sweet and wonderful! In the photo I showed a pic with my first bite of my first foot - awww, I've captured it forever! and that foot, along with all the other ones that were in that bag, disappeared shortly after. I offered one to my partner, who quickly expressed his dislike of such a crazy candy idea and I happily ate his share! It is exactly what you would think a Chocolate Covered Big Foot would taste like. The two flavours of raspberry in the foot and the milk chocolate blend nicely together and neither dominate over the other. 

I give one BIG TOE up! 

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